Price on measurement

Our quotes are established individually taking into account the following parameters:

  • the subject to translate
  • the size of the file to translate
  • the supplied bracket (electronic document or fax)
  • the technical aspect of the translation
  • the delivery time
  • the period for payment (with prior agreement of the credit control)

If you simply want to get a rough idea, multiply the number of words in your document by 0.10 EUR (*) (base rate).

(To find the number of words in your Word document, choose the Tools menu statistics)

Translation rates

  • discount on quantity for a project from 30,000 words;
  • 2% discount for advance payment: 100% when you order.
  • 1% off for large cash payment: 100% at delivery;
  • reduction to agree if the delivery period is set according to our convenience.

Delivery terms and conditions

  • Free delivery by fax, e-mail, digital media and paper
  • Payment terms: 10 days date of invoice (unless otherwise specified)


  • PowerPoint, PDF, Excel and paper files: + 10%
  • For jobs requiring special or terminological research, this tariff may be increased (depending on warning and consent).
  • Urgent works: a surcharge of 25% is to be expected in this case, i.e. for all work received and rendered the same day (for a maximum 10 pages).

Work on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays: a surcharge of 50% is to be expected.
(*) All our rates are expressed without VAT (21%)

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